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Asad Ahmed Encounter

UP STF police force  has taken significant action in the Umesh Pal murder case. Asad Ahmed, son of the Atiq Ahmed mafia and suspect in this murder, was murdered by the police they encountered. Besides Asad, another of his accused gunmen, Ghulam Ahmed, also died in clashes with police.  

Atiq's third son, Asad Ahmed, controlled the entire gang from Lucknow. Asad graduated from Lucknow's Top School in his 12th grade this year. A video of Asad's shooting in the Umesh Pal incident had also surfaced.Since then, he has been a target of police. Today I will tell you the whole picture of Assad. How he got into the world of crime and followed in his father's footsteps.  

Who Was Asad Ahmed?  

There was no trial against Asad Ahmed for about a month. However, he became the UP's most wanted man after he allegedly led a gang of gunmen who shot dead Umesh Pal in Prayagraj on 24 February.

Asad is the third son of former gangster and parliamentarian Atiq Ahmed. He reportedly took over Ahmed's gang last August. His two older brothers surrendered in his UP court. Asad had graduated from Lucknow's top school. He wanted to study abroad, but he could not because the authorities did not issue him a passport.

The police weren't after him. However, he was caught by his CCTV cameras filming his Umesh Pal. Asad had him rewarded with 5 million rupees. Atiq Ahmed is being held at Sabarmati Prison in Gujarat. Assad's uncle Ashraf says he is in UP's Valerie prison.

Under the orders of Atiku Ahmed and Ashraf from prison, Assad rounded up a criminal gang and shot Umesh Pal. He and other gang members were seen shooting Pal. He was seen getting out of the SUV and shooting Pal with a handgun.  

Started Hooligans At School And Followed In His Father's Footsteps

Atiq's son Asad started hooliganism at school. According to reports, Atiq's five sons attended his prestigious school in Prayagraj. Years ago, after losing in a school competition, he beat not only the winning classmates, but also the teachers who got in his way, as did Attic's other sons. When he went to his market on Christmas in college, 150 boys followed him. Free food at each stall.

Assad was famous for fighting. When boys older than him brought their fights in front of him, he used to settle the matter. A few years ago, at a school sports day, Assad was leading the team in a tug-of-war competition.  

His team lost. He was so angry about losing that he started hitting the boys on the winning team. When the teachers tried to stop him, he raised his hand towards them. The schoolyard was full of parents that day. There was a lot of resentment among the people, but after Atiq's name came out, everyone calmed down. Even the school principal tried to cover up the matter. No one had filed a complaint with the police. At the time, the principal was heavily criticised for covering up the issue on social media.  

Asad Lead Gang After Brother Went To Jail

In 2018, Atiq's eldest son, Umar, stepped into the spotlight. At that time, Umar Mohit kidnapped Lucknow estate agent Jaiswal. After kidnapping Mohit Jaiswal, Umar took him to Deoria prison. At the time, Atiq Ahmed was being held in this prison. Cases of attempted murder and extortion have also been registered against Atiq  younger son, Ali.

Investigators rewarded the two brothers. Both brothers surrendered in July for fear of capture and encounter. Asad reportedly took over the reins of the gang after the two brothers surrendered.  

When Asad killed Umesh Pal?

Those accused of killing Umesh Pal planned to assassinate him at a meeting at Bareilly Prison on February 11 this year. That is the day gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of kidnapping Mr. Pal in 2006. Atiku's son Asad, who has been accused of murdering Mr. Pal to get his father out of prison on February 24, was shot dead by Pradesh police yesterday in Uttar after a dramatic chase. 

Asad, along with eight others, including the shooter Ghulam and Gudu Muslim who threw a bomb at Umesh Pal, on the day the gang was convicted in the kidnapping case Ashraf, Atiku's brother, Khalid Azim, aka. The meeting was arranged in consultation with prison officials and there were no surveillance cameras at the scene, police sources said.

Umesh Pal was assassinated 13 days after him. Ghulam, who had accompanied Asad prior to the encounter, was also killed after he was cornered and allegedly opened fire on police.

Mr.Pal, then a member of the Zila Panchayat was a key witness in the assassination of his BSP MLA Raju Pal and his guards Raghavendra Singh and Sandeep Nishad, who were killed on January 25, 2005. Umesh Pal has former Samajwadi party MLA Atiq Ahmed, who before the murder was filed accused gang members of kidnapping him at gunpoint on 26 February 2006. He said he was beaten, electrocuted, and forced to write a statement that he did not witness the murder.  Umesh Pal was a key witness to the murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal in 2005 on the orders of Atiq Ahmed. He was shot dead in his Prayagraj home in February.

Umesh Pal's wife Jaya Pal has filed a lawsuit against Atiq Ahmed, Ashraf, Asad and Ghulam. Police lodged a complaint with the division dealing with riots, murders and criminal threats. 

The Encounter Of Asad Ahmed

Asad, the son of feared gangster Atiq Ahmed, who is wanted in the Umesh Pal murder, was shot dead by Uttar Pradesh police on Thursday during an encounter in Jhansi. His co-defendant Gram was also shot.

Both Asad and Ghulam had a reward of Rs.5 Lakh  on their minds. Asad Ahmed was caught on surveillance cameras during the attack on Palu and has been on the run since. According to police, Gurum opened fire on a special task force team in Pradesh around noon Thursday in Uttar, and the two were killed in retaliation. Sophisticated weapons, new mobile phones and SIM cards were seized, they added.

Police sources say Asad Ahmed fled to Lucknow after killing Umesh Pal. It is known that he later moved to Kanpur and then to Meerut before reaching Delhi. After that, he decided to flee to Madhya, his state of Pradesh. He arrived in Jhansi and was on his way to the state border by bicycle when the police caught him. Assad was reportedly in disguise. Police sources said Atik Ahmed's gang had an informant who told them where Assad was. 

In recent months, Atiq Ahmed has been repeatedly brought to Uttar Pradesh for court hearings. The high-profile nature of the case and the fear of gangsters' staged encounters have garnered extensive media coverage of the move.

Four of his men involved in Umesh Pal's murder were shot dead after Thursday's encounter. Police are still looking for Guddu Muslim, who allegedly threw the bomb during the shooting, and another suspect, Sabir. Atiq Ahmed's wife Shayista is also on the run. 

Conclusion Or will Atiq Ahmed attend the Funeral 

Mafia man Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf  who are named as defendants in the Umesh Pal murder, were detained from Naini prison by Dhumanganj police on Thursday night. Police interrogate Atik and Ashraf for four days. Under these circumstances, it seems impossible for Atiq to attend his son's Asad's funeral. Suspension of execution cannot be obtained while in detention. However, if a request to attend the funeral is made to the Circuit Judge on behalf of Atiq, it may be honoured. Because only the DM has the right to do so after the accused has been detained by the police.

However, until now, Atiq has never made such a request to his DM. Atiq's attorneys also indicated that no such demands have been made at this time. On Friday he said Asad's body was taken to his Prayagraj and if Atiq applied, the DM may or may not allow him to attend the funeral at its sole discretion. 


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