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ChatGPT - What Does It Entail?

No one is better at pitching the future than the tech industry. According to their supporters, we will all live in the 'Metaverse', build our financial infrastructure on 'web3', and support our lives with artificial intelligence. All three of these terms are mirages that have made billions of dollars despite being eclipsed by reality.

Artificial intelligence, in particular, brings to mind the concept of thinking machines. 

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by Open AI. Chatbots have a language-based model and developers optimise human interaction in dialogue.

In fact, it's a simulated chatbot designed primarily for customer service. But people also use it for various other purposes. These range from writing essays to drafting business plans to generating code.  

What is ChatGPT ? 

This is an auto-generated AI chatbot system developed by OpenAI for online customer support. This is a pre-trained generative chat that uses natural language processing (NLP). Its sources of data are textbooks, websites.   

What is ChatGPT used for? 

As such, it is suitable for chatbots, AI system conversations, and virtual assistants. However, you can also use conversational tones to give natural answers to questions, making stories and many more. In addition, you can:

  • write code

  • write articles and blog posts

  • translation

  • debug

  • write stories/poems

  • Recommended chords and lyrics

To have the AI ​​perform these requests, simply enter commands into the chatbot.

.Simply put, the AI ​​was taught what kind of response to expect when people asked a question. The AI ​​trainer provided the model's conversational data and ranked the model's different responses to the sample questions according to their quality. 

What is ChatGPT Pro? 

ChatGPT Pro ,is said to be the professional subscription plan of ChatGPT by OpenAI. The price for this service is suggested to be about $42 per month. Surprisingly, no career plans have been rolled out since the report was first distributed earlier this year.

However, OpenAI recently released a subscription service, but under a different name: ChatGPT Plus. This plan offers exclusive user benefits such as priority access and fast response times. At just $20/month, this option is significantly cheaper than Pro. 

What is ChatGPT 4? 

In recent news, OpenAI released an all-new large-scale multimodal model, GPT-4. This new model will be implemented in ChatGPT in the coming weeks. This allows users to feed the bot images and videos to generate a text response.

So technically there is no ChatGPT 4, but there is an updated version which is called ChatGPT that uses the GPT 4 infrastructure. 

Registration for ChatGPT ? 

To register for ChatGPT, use one of your existing email IDs and mobile numbers and follow these simple steps to complete registration..

Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to the login page in your browser.

  • Create an AI account, click Sign In and enter your email ID.

  • Then press the "Continue" button and you will be asked for your mobile number for verification. You will then receive a code on your mobile number.

  • Finally scroll down and you'll have some options. Click to charge. After charging, return to the home page and search for Al service in the search box.

  • Please press the shopping cart button. It contains the country code mobile phone number.

  • Copy this mobile number and paste it in the Verify his GPT mobile number section of the chat. Send the code via SMS. You will receive a code. This is your verification code. Enter this code into the Open AI field to complete the process.

  • Please select the primary reason for registration. For example, to explore functionality. If you get an error, change your mobile number to another country and try again. 

Is ChatGPT better than Google search? 

Google Search helps you get suggested answers to your question by providing a list of websites related to your question. ChatGPT, on the other hand, answers the point clearly in a natural flow. It's like a guidebook.

Since ChatGPT's launch, there have been many comparisons between ChatGPT and Google Search. However, you should always do a thorough analysis when using ChatGPT to get answers. When you receive a response through ChatGPT, you receive the raw text without authoritative sources, quotes or links. We recommend that you check the answers before using.  

Every answer you get from searching Google works with our own large-scale language models and algorithms, using extensive AI to give you the most reliable information. We can definitely say that the creators of ChatGPT will add more features and modify it in the near future to compete with Google Search.  


OpenAI is currently offering ChatGPT for free on their website and offers a pilot option for ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT is free for commercial use but there is a cost if you want to use OpenAI's language model for commercial purposes.

ChatGPT is a very strange tool available on the internet today. Considering it wasn't available until the end of November, it immediately blew up! If you're interested in what this model can do, visit the OpenAI website and try it out for free. 

ChatGPT price queries have been perpetual ever since OpenAI's free creation became popular. so how much

Well, OpenAI seems to be working on a step-by-step answer. There are no definite plans to block free use of the chatGPT model, but it looks like a "professional plan" could be introduced. 


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