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Top 10 Interesting Facts About The World

Random facts are always interesting and often leave us dumbfounded and astonished. Not only are there unexpected discoveries, but they also provide unknown information that could make you a trivia genius. So get ready for these 5 amazing facts about the world that make it an amazing and interesting place to learn more.  

Top Ten Amazing Facts 

  • Snowfall In Sahara Desert

Rainfall is so rare in the desert that it rarely rains and snowfall seems  impossible. But it's true. In 2018, an unbelievable phenomenon occurred, and the Sahara Desert was covered with pure white snow. However, the snow lasted all day. Over the last few decades, the desert has recorded many snowfalls, most recently he recorded one in January 2022. The first snowfall was recorded in 1979, a 30 minute blizzard. Snowfall may seem unusual, but it is not. 

  • Fastest Gust Of Wind

Buckle up because you're about to experience the fastest storm ever.In 1996, a tropical storm called Olivia hit an island called Barrow Island. Its strength was so strong that it was recognized as the fastest gust on earth at 353 miles per hour. It broke the 231 mph wind speed record set in New Hampshire in 1934.  

  • You Can Not Buy Coca Cola Here

You may not know that there are two countries in the world where you can't buy Coca-Cola. Yes, it is none other than North Korea and Cuba.Coca-Cola is a socially convenient drink all over the world, so we want to enjoy Coca-Cola wherever we go. 

However, that is not the case in these two countries due to the long-term US trade ban. North Korea from 1950, Cuba from 1962. However, you can try Yongjin Cola, or the North Korean-made Dark  soda known as "Cocas Sparkling." 

  • Sudan Has More Pyramids In The World

Pyramids and Egypt are synonymous and this is the country that comes to mind, but let's talk about other interesting things about the world.Sudan has the most pyramids in the world, more than Egypt. Egypt has 138 pyramids, while Sudan has over 255. 

Their number is twice that of his in Egypt, moreover, these pyramids were not created by the ancient Egyptians. Instead, the pyramids were built by members of the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient civilization that ruled the lands along the Nile.  

  • The Whole Population Could Fit Inside In Los Angeles

Did you know that the world's total population recently surpassed 8 billion people? And why not say that all this population fits in LA? Yes. Research shows that if all residents of the population stood shoulder to shoulder, everyone would fit in her 500 square miles of Los Angeles.  

  • The Best Place To See Rainbow

If you're an avid rainbow watcher and want to take advantage of this beautiful phenomenon, Hawaii is the place for you. A study published by the American Meteorological Society in 2021 found that the region's "mountains create a strong gradient for clouds and rain, which is key to numerous rainbow sightings." Air pollution, pollen, and massive wave crests also help put Hawaii at the top of the list when it comes to rainbow quantity and quality.  

  • Whale Song Can Be Used To Map Out Ocean Floor

The fin whale is essentially a barry white of the sea. The deep, roaring call males use to attract mates is considered the loudest sound of any marine animal, and can be heard "up to 1,000 kilometres away," according to Scientific American. Apparently  it can also be used to acoustically map the seafloor, as the sound can reach depths of 2.5 km (1.6 miles) under the seafloor and bounce back to provide researchers with precise measurements. Additionally, a 2021 study in Science found that using fin whale vocalisations was far more useful than using large air guns, a typical tool that researchers rely on for vacations, and had no negative impact on marine life which was shown to be less. 

  • There Are Still 43 Countries Who Have Royal Families

The British royal family may be the most famous royal family in the world, but there are many other aristocrats. There are a total of 28 royal families in 43 countries around the world, including Japan, Spain, Swaziland, Bhutan, Thailand, Monaco, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Liechtenstein.  

  • Giant Pandas In Every Zoo Around The World Are From China

Pandas at your local zoo may seem like you're in a cosy sanctuary. But unless you live in China, the pandas you see are just visiting, because all the gentle giants in zoos around the world are on loan from China. Yes, according to Vox, it's technically owned by the Chinese government.  

  • Mount Everest Is Now More Bigger Then Last It Was Measured

Mount Everest may not have grown physically since it reached full maturity long ago, but the latest measurements made by surveyors from China and Nepal show the summit to be higher than previously thought. Previous measurements ranged from 29,002 feet above sea level in 1856 to 20,029 feet in 1955, according to NPR. Later, experts determined that the plate caused Mt. Everest to rise to a whopping 29,031. Tectonics 69ft Stand. 


These were some of the most interesting facts about the world but the list doesn't end here. Always discover and learn new things to expand your knowledge. These world facts are truly fascinating and have accumulated throughout the history of our civilization. 


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